A Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Employee

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q’s primary objective is to provide “Total Customer Satisfaction”. Our recipe to success begins with these four (4) basic ingredients:

  1. Serving good, high quality products at affordable prices
  2. Delivering fast, friendly and quality service
  3. Efficiently operating clean, well kept stores
  4. Hiring friendly, highly motivated individuals

Bill Miller employees are a highly motivated team of individuals who possess the following qualities:

PUNCTUALITY – Arriving to work early everyday (10-15 minutes early)

DEPENDABILITY – Being at work regularly as scheduled.

PROFESSIONALISM – Presenting a well-groomed appearance which inspires confidence in customers (such as, clean and neat work shirt, neat and clean dark jeans, hat for males, hair net for females, name tags and safe comfortable shoes); females use good taste in selection of hairstyles, make-up, jewelry, nail polish; men’s hair is no longer than collar length, mustaches and sideburns are kept well-trimmed; men do not wear earrings to work; employees do not have visible tattoos and employees need to maintain good personal hygiene at all times.

BEHAVIOR – Remaining calm, cheerful and courteous even when exposed to stressful working conditions; displaying a positive attitude at all times

INITIATIVE – Offering assistance to help co-workers complete their job assignments whenever possible.

ADAPTABILITY – Ability to accept constructive criticism, recognize mistakes and most importantly learning from them so as not to repeat them.

An employee’s personal success is important to Bill Miller Bar-B-Q since it is only through their efforts that service can be provided. Every effort is made to assist an individual in adjusting to employment with Bill Miller Bar-B-Q and to finding satisfaction and productive achievement in their work. An employee’s personal happiness will be closely related to their happiness in their work, so the first step in any successful relationship is to clearly understand the rules that regulate that connection.

Because of the nature of the restaurant business, regular attendance by each employee is mandatory. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness places an undue burden and workload on other employees of the company. Bill Miller Bar-B-Q operates seven (7) days a week and in the best interest of providing quality products and prompt customer service, employees are expected to work any shift if the need arises, work past their scheduled time, or work in any work area for which they are qualified. Hours of work are scheduled by the manager to meet the needs of the restaurant as required by customer flow.

Personal telephone calls should be limited to calls of an urgent or emergency nature only. Family members/friends are asked to remain outside of the building while waiting on the employee to complete his/her job duties.

We are proud of our employees and the progressive environment we have developed. If you consider yourself as the 4th ingredient to our recipe, we will provide the other three so that together we can achieve success. We encourage you to accept the challenges as a member of our “Total Customer Satisfaction” team. We look forward to talking to you.


DEPARTMENT: RESTAURANT                                 ______ NON-EXEMPT




Under Training Director and Training Store Manager supervision will perform routine tasks and procedures in order to provide our customers with quality products, good service and clean surroundings, in accordance with Bill Miller Bar-B-Q standards. Upon completion of the training program you will have the skills and knowledge to exercise overall supervision of the restaurant.




ABILITIES: Exercise considerable judgment and initiatives: supervise and direct activities of a restaurant; communicate effectively, coordinate staffing schedule to ensure efficient service; instruct and train employees. Should be cooperative and professional at all times; keep confidences; maintain a good working relationship with co-workers and management; follow both written and verbal directives and assignments; work throughout different areas of the restaurant. Become familiar with the location of all equipment, storage areas, supplies, etc. Learn to use and operate cash register proficiently and quickly. Learn to proficiently use slicer, tongs, spoons, and any other utensils commonly used in a restaurant. Recognize emergency situations and summon help.

QUALIFICATIONS/REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 2-4 years management experience in a food or service industry and/or equivalent college education with concentration in management; must be customer-service oriented; ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

SKILLS: Demonstrate proficiency in principles of leadership/management; basic routine tasks as it applies to daily operations; effective verbal and written communication; leadership and problem solving.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires full range of body motion, including, but not limited to: walking, sitting, crouching, stooping, kneeling, squatting, crawling, twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling, manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Requires ability to lift (approximately 10 lbs) on a frequent basis and occasionally lifts items weighing up to fifty (50) lbs. Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range. Requires working under stressful conditions.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Works indoors in an air-conditioned facility; frequent exposure to hot and cold areas; sharp objects, electrical hazards, wet and slippery floors and other conditions to a restaurant.

REVIEWED BY: Stacie Huser, Director of Personnel                      DATE: 5/1/97




  • Become proficient at all positions hourly employees perform as follows: Busing, washing pots and pans, replenishing lines, chicken and chop tables, maker, bell, packager, slicer, walk-up register, drive-thru register, dining room maker and taker, and dining room register.
  • Become proficient at all management functions as follows: Yields/nightly inventory, open and close every position, boil out, employee training, daily and cash reports, end of period inventory, schedule and flow chart, food orders, and dry good order.
  • Learn and use company recipes according to specifications.
  • Read, study and understand fully the Operations, Training and Management Manuals; view the training films and pass with a grade of 90 or above all tests related to material covered in manuals and training films.
  • Attend the Staff Leader/Manager Trainee Classes and pass each weekly test and final with a grade of 90 or above. Pass the final exam with grade of 90 or above.
  • Comply with the Strict Sanitation Standards of the City and the standards of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.
  • Pass the Health Certification Class.
  • Follow all Health and Safety Rules and policies of the company.


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