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Career Opportunities and Business Bill-osophy

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q prides itself in offering more than minimum wage to all its employees and strives to hire those not afraid to put a little elbow grease in all they do.

Current Openings

Restaurant positions are available for Cashiers, Counter Help, Slicers and Bus and Kitchen Help at all locations. Entry-level positions are available from time to time in the Bakery, Commissary and Catering as well. With 75 restaurants and growing, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q is also always looking for motivated people for our Manager Trainee Program. For further information see the Requirement Information of a Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Employee.

Restaurant Operations

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q presently operates 64 restaurants in the San Antonio Area, 5 in Corpus Christi and 7 in Austin, primarily selling specially prepared barbecued meats. The restaurants have dining rooms and food-to-go service. Bill Miller Bar-B-Q also offers catering to large and small groups all over South and Central Texas. Bill Miller Bar-B-Q owns all its own real estate and buildings and operates its own distribution center. To say this isn’t our first rodeo is an understatement!

Management Team & Student Trainees

Many of the members of the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Management Team started with the company during high school or college as hourly paid employees. These people started with or returned to the company when they finished school. That’s when they entered the intensive management program, eventually working their way to store managers, area managers, and directors of operations. Over the years the best management team members have proven to be homegrown. The pay is high compared to industry averages, while the rate of turnover is low. The secret to these successes goes back to the foundation, selecting and hiring the very best for job openings. All management candidates must pass a drug test, a personality test, and a mathematical skills test. We look for folks with a lot of spine and no whine, and who can rustle up the best from their team.

Commissary Operations

The central plant of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q operates a commissary, sausage kitchen, bakery, laundry service and warehouse. The plant is built according to Federal meat-packing guidelines and is inspected by the City of San Antonio and The State of Texas. The ultra modern commissary kitchen specializes in the barbecue of USDA grade beef, cooked over hill country live oak fires. The Bakery also specializes in baking their own bread and pies.